I kept my garden alive! Yay! It’s been hot, but I’ve been out early watering and tending to a few weeds. One of my tomato plants has a couple blooms coming out. And my herbs are ferocious. Note to self: I need to learn how to dry herbs stat!

I am super excited for the weekend. I am planning on going cherry picking with a good friend of mine. I absolutely need tart cherries in my life. They are hard to come by. But for about 2-3 weeks in Virginia you can go pick your own at one of the many farms around. I can’t wait. Good thing I cleaned out my freezer!!

This past week I did a ton of cooking. It’s been great testing out recipes. I haven’t had a miss this week. I couldn’t even tell you my favorite. The swordfish Niçoise salad with the lemon shallot dressing was so fresh and delicious. I think I ate a half pound of raw spinach that night as part of the salad. We picked our plates clean. It’s not surprising that something with bacon herb compound butter was amazing. I am going to try making the butter with a smoked sea salt next time, and nix the bacon to see if the flavors still come through. Second try at a recipe is always a good time to play with some modifications. Kebabs are always a win around here and we topped of Wednesday’s kebabs with some sweet honeydew (pistachio ice cream and cones were all gone). So good and one of the better fruits for you. I think I’ll make honeydew popsicles this weekend to capture the ripe and sweet goodness available right now. Yesterday morning I prepped the Israeli Tomato salad while my popovers were baking. I followed the recipe in My Paleo Patisserie and they did not disappoint. I whipped up a maple cinnamon butter to go with them and they were a big hit at work even though not one person has heard of them. Last night we made buffalo wings and they were seriously the best ones I’ve made myself. The sauce was good. Adding the pork rinds was a nice touch. We did several without the pork rinds and they were good, too. And I can’t get enough of that Israeli Tomato salad. We’re having it again tonight as our side. Yum!!









We did a lot of fetching and retrieving this week in the mornings. Love my pups so much. They’re really enjoying this nice weather despite still having their winter coats.