I’ve been on Pinterest a lot lately. Finding easy projects to hone my crocheting and sewing skills. I like a little more modest fit on things, but I fell in-like with these jersey knit pencil skirts from Old Navy. They are so comfortable, they go below the knee, and you can wear them anywhere. They easily dress up or down. A few weeks back I decided to make my own. I had some leftover fabric from several years ago. It was one of those finds in the piles of fabric on the clearance shelves at G-Street. I had just enough to make a custom pencil skirt. I’ve worn it to work once and I’m going to wear it today, too! The pattern is here suburbsmama.blogspot.com/ It was definitely a really easy project (as easy as jersey knit sewing can be), but I would not do a single back seam next time. I would do the two side seams, which is also how the Old Navy skirt is designed. I would recommend this pattern at Cotton & Curls

Here’s my skirt (sorry I don’t have any pics of it on me). The top band is folded in right now because I am going to take the waist in a little.


Have a great day!