I finished my dishcloth on Friday night. See:




I was on Facebook Saturday night and saw that Wool And The Gang is adding the art of crochet to their brand/company . I feel like WATG could best be described as a modern hipster brand. Nothing about them is fuddy-duddy. They are on trend and doing their part to shape the evolution of yarn arts in the 21st century. If you see something cool that is knit from a trendy/hip store, there is a good chance they already sell the materials, tools, and pattern for something similar. They are ahead of the curve. They’re British, too. So they really just can’t help themselves–they have to be cool. I heart them.

I watched a knitting stitch tutorial by WATG called “How To Knit Mock Fisherman’s Rib” and I knew it was an easy enough pattern/stitch for me to try. The video was so easy to follow. Check them out.

I found a pattern for a knit ribbed cup cozy/sleeve and thought I’d try it out. I really need to practice my basic stitches and it allowed me to try using double pointed needles for the first time. It went okay. One or two stitch mistakes, but I like the DPNs. I stopped it a little shorter than I probably should have but it still serves it’s purpose. Stretches easily onto my stainless still SIGG.


On Monday night I made this coaster:

2015/06/img_1255.jpg I’m going to take it to work and set my mason jar water glass on it while I work. I would use a smaller yarn next time because it’s big for a coaster. The cotton yarn is great for a coaster, though. Soaks up all that condensation. No more water rings on my papers. Yay!

I think I’m going to loom knit something next. I have several projects/patterns and supplies for loom knitting projects and I want to get some of those done.

Have a great day!