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I’ve got some great desserts lined up this week–I spent Saturday in sweet making mode. I am hard core on not using paleo-fied desserts. For me that is primarily due to the fact that I’m not at a steady maintenance weight. However, I don’t have an insane sweet tooth, but I do crave sweets sometimes. So, it’s easy for me to just have a nibble. I also think paleo-fied desserts done correctly can be an excellent way to get healthy fats, which I find myself eating less of during the summer grilling season. If I grill something lean by chance, then a popsicle with coconut milk or avocado ice cream might be the perfect cap to my dinner.

That being said, my desserts from Saturday don’t fit into this category at all, LOL. I used a cup of maple syrup in these desserts. What did I make? Pistachio ice cream and waffle cones. WHAT?! Yeah, you heard that right. I just got My Paleo Patisserie a few weeks ago and these are my first desserts. They turned out amazing! Both are as good as the real thing and they both taste better than many real life alternatives I’ve had. The ice cream is like gelato or custard. It is sooooo creamy. I also made watermelon popsicles (with coconut milk, lime juice, and mint) so I could free up some precious fridge space from this giant bag of watermelon. And, with the leftover pistachio pulp from the ice cream, I made some chocolate chip (Enjoy Life) cookies with sunflower seeds, banana, and gluten free oats. I think I might freeze the cookies because I know they’ll be the last to go and the first to spoil!

Now, let’s get to the point! What’s for dinner this week??

MondayРSwordfish Ni̤oise Salad with lemon shallot dressing
Tuesdayhalibut with marinated mushrooms & roasted broccoli
Wednesday– Chicken kebabs with veggie kebabs
Thursdaychicken wings with ranch & Israeli Tomato salad
Fridaygrilled chicken drumsticks & salad

Have a great week!