Fall and winter are easily my favorite seasons. I like snow, cold temps, coats, boots, stew, a fire, and hot cocoa. However, the past few weeks have been pretty fun despite the sweltering temps. Summer means fresh cut grass, swimming pools, and a lot fewer cars on my commute. HALLELUJAH!! I’ve been welcoming summer in a few ways the past couple weeks…

This is my attempt at Kofta from Wednesday night. It’s not pretty, but it was really good. I made a pound of lamp and a pound of beef. The beef was at a disadvantage from the start. I used Wegman’s grass fed ground beef and it was a little too lean. The lamb was perfect, though. The recipe called for way too much salt. I think a good rule of thumb is 3/4 tsp salt per pound of meat. That’s the only thing I’d change. Eggplant is so good on the grill, too. This was an easy meal to cleanup after, too. I think we’ll be having it again really soon.

Here is my garden!! If one of these containers produces a vegetable, it will be a gardening win for my household! I have very little faith in my ability to keep these plants alive. They require regular care and watering. I am the least habitual person I know. Not a great combination. I am hopeful, though. So, there’s that. Hope.


Here’s my sweet little herb garden.


My sweet Gunny enjoying a raw bone. He loves him some frozen marrow.


This is our garbage disposal. It was broken. Then I fixed it. Like a boss.


I am so excited about this book. My mom recommended the book to me and I am excited to make something from it this summer. There are a few main projects like a skirt, jacket, and tank top. And then there are variations of each project. I hope that makes sense. I like to dress on the modest side, so it’s awesome to have a book that shows you fun ways to modify wardrobe staples.


Gunny again. Watching his dad in the front yard. This picture is just so funny to me. And cute!


I don’t watch Real Housewives of Melbourne, but I did watch the reunion. Australian accents are my favorite. This guy was the host. He must be famous-ish in Australia. Not sure why he wore sunglasses on his head the whole day. I was going to make fun of them, but then I realized I pretty much wear my sunglasses like that all day long, too. Never thought about it much but it keeps my short hairdo pulled back. So, I’m sort of like the girl version of this guy. Sort of.