I recently knit some baby booties and crocheted a cute owl with this really soft yarn. It was easy to work with and came in a ton of colors. I realized I was getting to the point in my yarn crafting game where I was going to need a better system for organizing my projects. My current system involves yarn separated into plastic grocery bags with vague project ideas scribbled on post-it notes. No where to go but up with this amazing system {sarcasm}.

I discovered Ravelry–the Facebook for knitters/crocheted/yarn enthusiasts–in January 2014. I am slowly discovering more of the functions of the site and why some of them exist. I am especially happy about the yarn stash tracker. It’s the answer to my project and yarn organizing needs.

Check out Ravelry if you haven’t and go friend me (I’m PinkLobster). My profile is pretty bare, but I think I’ll be involved more as the summer months come and those daylight hours stretch to give me more light for some porch crocheting while the dogs roll around in the grass and dinner is on the grill.

Be Blessed,