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Hey hookers! Dumb joke, but I couldn’t resist. I’ve always got something on my crochet hook, as it is my current favorite hobby. I’m working on a really exciting project this week…a dishcloth! Haha. Okay, so not that exciting. It’s a plain old dishcloth done using only single crochets. It’s mindless and that’s what I am in the mood for. I still consider myself a little new to crochet and I want to build my skills by laying a solid foundation and getting my reps. I actually started out on Friday night with this yellow cotton yarn on my knitting needles. Oh yeah, I don’t know how to knit, by the way. I found a pattern with only knit and purl stitches. I started and unraveled five times before moving the project to my hook. I’m not sure what my deal was with the knitting. I had just finished my first ever knitting project: a pair of baby booties. The baby booties went quick and easy and I put them on my gift shelf for the next baby shower I attend. I really thought I had the knitting thing down, but the dishcloth was just not working. The cotton yarn I was using has absolutely no give/stretch, but my main problem was I kept forgetting how to insert my needles in the knit stitch and going through on the right side of the loop and not the left. I’m guessing there is a way to knit this way, but my project just didn’t look right. Oh well. I’ll try something else later or stick to my loom knitting, which is so much easier.

I decided to follow a book of projects to get my reps in with crocheting. This is the book I am using:


I go through stages with my hobbies. The only time I stop for a period is when I’m overwhelmed with project choices or complexity. I like a challenge and learning new techniques, but my after-work, weekday brain does not enjoy challenges. LOL.

My primary hobbies are:
Cooking (not baking)
Knitting (primarily on a loom)

In my case, my Mom passed these hobbies onto me and taught me the basics of all of them. She has years of reps into all these hobbies and is a great resource for me. She taught me to love cooking and all the basics, but my husband was the one who who expanded on the foundation and helped me build more intermediate skills. Now he would say I’ve surpassed him, which works heavily in his favor since I’m the primary cook in our house. Besides cooking, I don’t think I would be into any of these crafting hobbies without my mom, though. And I sincerely enjoy exercising my creativity muscles. One of the many reasons I’m thankful God picked her to be my mama.

I posted several pins on my diy sewing and home crochet Pinterest boards. A few of my favorites…




The sleeve sewing will come in handy and I really need a coaster at work for my mason jar water “bottle.” I’m going to play with some coaster designing once I’m finished with my current dishcloth project.

I’m also sewing some sleeves onto a dress for the neighbor girl. I’ll probably be busy this weekend with my wardrobe capsule, but hopefully I have a new project started next Wednesday!