It’s time for June goals. Some of my projects I have in mind are big, so the list will be short. First, let’s visit my May Goals:
1) Plant a Veggie Garden – done! I used five containers to plant Roma tomatoes, mini yellow tomatoes, sweet peppers, green beans, and zucchini. I also planted a little herb garden with chives, basil, oregano, and cilantro.
2) Stay on top of weeding and gardens – sort of on this one. This weekend I sprayed almost all the weeds, cleaned up the tulips, pruned, planted back garden and cleaned the front garden edge. I still need to weed spray the side garden and add mulch, but gardening is never ending throughout the summer.
3) Get to work early once a week – done! I like to get to work about a half hour or more early. If I do that, then I can leave a little earlier. This is super helpful on nights when dinner needs extra prep or cook time. Hoping to keep it up!
4) Schedule Handyman and dog grooming – done! Boys are getting summer cuts. I can’t wait to reduce this shedding mess.
5)Play fetch with the boys – we did this a bunch in the morning before work. Cheney could chase balls for hours. It totally wears him out.
6) Finish an amigurumi project – I love crocheting. It’s one of my favorite things to do and makes me feel less lazy when I want to relax and catch some shows on the boob-tube. I have most of Stacey Trock’s books and really like her stuffed animal (amigurumi) patterns. Her website FreshStitches.com is a really great resource, too. Anyway, I finished this cute owl this weekend:


1) Keep veggie garden alive
2) Stay on top of weeding and gardens
3) Wardrobe capsule for summer
4) Post regularly on this blog
5) Hang pictures
6) Knit something
7) Sew something
8) Finish book
9) Program home workouts

Until next time…K