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I went grocery shopping yesterday and did my meal plan. When I meal plan I not only decide on dinners but also try to plan on some healthy snacks and ensure I have things for lunch. I’m a big leftovers fan for lunch–reinventing the meal if possible. We still have southwestern stuffed peppers and grilled chicken leftovers from the weekend, so those will serve as my lunch (and maybe breakfast) at the beginning of this week. If y’all are looking to mix up your grilled chicken (pork, beef or fish) I recommend the Dizzy Pig seasonings. They have several salt-free and sugar-free options. I am crazy about curry flavors, but the hubs is not (or he didn’t think he was until he ate a Dizzy Pig flavored grilled chicken breast and LOVED it). I used the Bombay Curry-ish (Ish is their sugar-free line) and it was awesome.

It’s supposed to be rainy all week. I like to grill out in the summer months every day, if possible. But, I picked several meals I could convert to inside meals if It was pouring rain. Here is what’s on tap for this mostly Paleo week:

Monday– roasted broccoli, with grilled chicken sausages (Aidells chicken and apple)
Tuesday (or any rainy day)- Coleslaw & pork bbq
Wednesday– Eggplant, pepper & Tomato skewers with Kofta kebabs <<NOTE: this recipe calls for way too much salt. I think I’ll use a heaping teaspoon next time>> with Paleo Tzatziki Sauce
Thursday– grilled chicken & sweet potato curls
Friday– Peach BBQ shrimp & Spinach salad

Stuffed pepper (LO), chicken breast (LO), chicken sausage (LO), Costco shrimp salad (the non-mayo one), baby kale, blueberries, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, and quick-pickle mushrooms.

Paleo Mayo for my coleslaw. I am using my favorite, go-to recipe from Bad Wolf Bakery, and I have a screenshot of the recipe (Instagram @badwolfbakery)


Quick-Pickle Mushrooms for snacking. I didn’t have all the whole spices from the recipe, but the ground ones ended up working just fine. Recipe here.
Pistachio Ice Cream I really want to make the pistachio ice cream from Urban Poser’s book, My Paleo Patisserie. She has amazing recipes and the pictures are beyond gorgeous.

Thanks for reading.

Have a great week!